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    The ACG event - For fans, by fans.

    OTAFUSE started as an anime event convention based in Sabah, Malaysia on September 2011.
    The name "OtaFuse" derived from the word "Otaku" and "Fusion(Fuse)",
    which means it is a collective of fans with various hobbies and interests,
    mainly Japanese sub/pop culture such as Anime, Games, Comics, and Cosplay.

    OtaFuse 2011 ~ 2019

    The main OtaFuse event is an annual event that is to be held at every September.

    Besides the main event,
    the OtaFuse team also does collaborations, mini events and activities from time to time.

    For more info, photos and event reports, you can check out at our official OtaFuse Facebook Page.