• MYVTAPEX2 - Apex Legends Tournament


    MYVT Apex Legends Tournament is back!

    Organized by Apex Daemon,
    this tournament is all about the journey to improve and meet new friends. New players are encouraged to join as you will be matched with a mentor based on your rank. There will be 1 month of training before the tournament, 1 week of pre-tournament matches in private lobby and post-tournament parties available.

    Date: 15th January 2022 (Saturday)
    Time: 2PM - 6PM
    Map: 5x Storm Point
    Prize:  ¥10,000 Skeb for Grand Champion Team sponsored by OtaFuse, and at least 2 x ¥5000 worth of lucky draw(s) for all participants.

    "This tournament, above all else, is to enjoy, meet and bond among VTubers"

    Registration: CLOSED

    *This tournament is hosted by APXDMN (Apex Daemon) Please contact him for more information

    APXDMN Ch.頂点大門チャネル