Wednesday, July 13, 2016

AniSong Singing Competition

This year's OTAFUSE will have a special competition featuring the theme: MUSICAL

The AniSong Singing Competition

Rules & Regulations:

- Registration is FREE. However you are required to purchase OTAFUSE event tickets.
- AniSong stands for Anime Song, so the songs must be from Japanese Anime series.
- You can sing their Opening (OP) , Ending (ED), or Anime OVA/Movie/Insert songs.
- Vocaloid songs are acceptable. No J-Pop and Video game songs.
- The contest is open for Solo , Duet, and Group of maximum 3 person.
- If a person joins as a Solo, he/she is not allowed to join in a different team of Duet or Group.
- The Preliminary Round will be a Video Submission online audition, which means you are required to record your singing performance and send us by Youtube or Email.
- For the Video Submission, it is OK to sing by looking at lyrics.
- If you are chosen to go to the Finals, you are required to list down 3 songs that you are able to sing. This is so that the same song title will not clash/perform by different contestants, and will be required to perform the next song of choice. (More details will be sent during the announcement of Finalists)

- Songs for the Finals can be same or different than the one used during audition/preliminary round.
- Holding lyrics while singing (at the Finals) is not recommended and may result in deduction of points.

Preliminary Round: Video Submission Audition
Final: OTAFUSE event day

Registration dateline: 21st August 2016

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