Friday, February 13, 2015

5th Anniversary OTAFUSE Announcement

Year 2015
For the 5th anniversary of OTAFUSE
For all of you who supported us
For all the fans and hobbyists

A special moment
So wonderful

:+:OTAFUSE the 5th:+:



For the past years,
OTAFUSE has been a Non-Profit For Fans By Fans event.

We strive to keep going as it is,
but at the same time improvements are needed.
This year, in conjunction of our 5th anniversary,
we decided to upgrade our event
to a bigger and better venue,
with more events highlights,
guest cosplayers,
and much much more.

we will be implementing ticket system this year.
The fans are our no.1 priority,
and we will continue OTAFUSE as a Non-Profit event.
So we will do our best to minimize the price of tickets,
And prepare more goodies and freebies along with tickets purchased.

Thank you everyone who has been supporting us all these years.
We hope to receive your continuous support in the coming years.